Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simple Boxes For Tudung/Shawl

Well, last month one customer did ask me wheter i can help her to design boxes that can fit the tudung ariani or shawl. Well, i have to explain to this customer as our product all is handmade so we need enough time to finished it.After some discussion, i come out with one simple prototype that she satisfied with it. This is the prototype.After discussion, she wanted to have a window on the side so that her customer will be able to see the color of the tudung/ shawl.. Thank kak Nurzulali for the orders :)
This is the overall view of the box(nie prototype je)
This is the box with Tudung Ariani inside :)
And..this is the result... the overview ready to be deliver Order Details
Item Description Amount Status
Simple Shawl Box Tinggi 3.75" x 4 " x 7" -With Window -color = Light Brown 100 pc Delivered on 08092010


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